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A Level Business Studies

Overview of the course

A Level Business Studies is practical, applied and exciting. Theories are explored and investigated using real examples and the students’ own experiences. The course embodies all the fundamental areas of the subject: entrepreneurship, financial planning, marketing, motivation, organisational structure, workforce planning, PEST analysis and external influences on the business. The course is designed such that as ideas unfold our students develop their understanding of the relationships that enable businesses to function and the role that businesses play in wider society.

It is the quintessential A-level for anybody trying to get an idea of the way in which the modern business world works.

Chinese students generally have a strong interest in business studies. In common with many A level students the Chinese student can struggle when developing the higher order skills of analysis and evaluation.  Our schemes of work have been developed to encourage and enhance these skills and to broaden the subject specific language skills needed to communicate ideas to the examiner. We use the latest supplementary materials to provide our students with the learning opportunities to recognise how knowledge gained in the classroom can be applied in 'real life' business situations.

A-level Business Studies introduces students to the world of business in a straightforward, logical and practical way.