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A Level Mathematics/Further Mathematics

Overview of the course 

The A Level Mathematics course is a core subject in all CIE A Level centres and comprises Pure Mathematics 1 (P1), Pure Mathematics 3 (P3), Mechanics (M 1) and Statistics (S1). It is offered either as a one year or a two year course.

The A Level Further Mathematics course includes Further Pure and Further Applied Mathematics, the latter requiring students to undertake both Mechanics and Statistics. Further Mathematics is a very demanding course and is only offered to committed students who have been awarded a grade A or A* in their A Level Mathematics in the second year of the programme. 

Most centres prepare students for A Level Mathematics by teaching the IGCSE Additional Mathematics course to the Pre-A level students. This course allows students to learn mathematical vocabulary associated with familiar and new topics and is thus an excellent foundation for A Level study. 

As English is a second language for our students, we explain the mathematical concepts clearly, we use visual representations wherever possible and we reinforce learning with numerous examples. The numerical ability of our students is outstanding and the vast majority score high grades in their final year. Most students have a very strong mathematical background from the Chinese system so many of them require work that is challenging.