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IB Aesthetics Courses

Students of the IB Diploma are encouraged to choose a Group 6 subject from the Aesthetics Courses although some will opt out to enable them to do additional subjects from another group. The aesthetics courses on offer include Music, Visual Arts and Performing Arts. By the nature of these subjects, there is great emphasis placed on the development of skills.  Assessment is substantially through practical demonstrations of expertise or by exhibition in the case of Visual Arts.

Students selecting the Music option require a prior level of expertise with at least one musical instrument and/or voice.  Students are also involved in composition, learning to use the latest software designed to assist in this task. Great emphasis is placed on listening to world music in order to appreciate other cultures.  

Students selecting an Art course must be prepared to develop an intellectual approach to the study of Art.  They need to become self critical and be able to discuss their work has developed to a finished piece.  As such, the use of sketchbooks to gather and develop ideas is extremely important.