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IB English

Overview of the course

The IB Diploma gives students the opportunity to study an additional language learning course (Language B) that is tailored to the needs of students with previous learning of the English language.

Language B can be studied at Standard Level or Higher Level. The primary focus of the course is on developing English language acquisition and language skills. The IB Diploma Language B course assists students with enhancing linguistic competence through the study and use of a variety of written and spoken materials. Materials are carefully selected for this course to enable students to not only develop mastery of language skills in English, but also to foster intercultural understanding. Added emphasis is placed on critical thinking, expanding an awareness of the world, and cultivating respect for cultural diversity. The Language B course aims to provide students with in-depth international understanding and instill concern for global issues. In addition, the course aims to raise student’s awareness of their individual and collective responsibility at a local level.

The teaching methods used in the Language B classroom are a balance between teacher-led activities and student-centred activities in order to provide students with a holistic approach to teaching and learning. This balanced approach to teaching provides students with scaffolding to learn beyond the confines of the classroom, and to gain greater opportunities to take initiative for their learning. In addition, students are invested in participating in the evaluation of their own learning. The classroom teacher identifies the educational needs of all students and encourages students to engage in independent and collaborative learning that is tailored to their needs. The teaching and learning approach to delivering the Language B programme facilitates students’ linguistic abilities through the development of receptive, productive and interactive skills.

The IB Diploma is fast becoming the recognised standard of international education as the individual subjects are enhanced with a holistic approach to teaching and learning which ensures students leave school as well rounded individuals ready for the 21st century. The Language B course is pivotal in providing students with an international dimension. Students gain increased awareness of the similarities and differences between their culture and the culture of the target language. Students ultimately gain a solid foundation in English which supports learning across other subject areas.