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In order to provide an educational program that not only prepares students to take the test but also augment students’ actual English competency, the EnReachTM TOEFL program takes a multifaceted approach that seeks to impart not only test taking strategies for students but also provide an insightful educational program that benefits students beyond simply preparing to score highly on the exam. Beginning with a framework of English for academic purposes, grammar, listening and speaking to develop skills necessary to take the test, the class builds upon itself and leads to specific testing strategies for each area of the test.

This multifaceted approach includes an innovative and proven Latin-root technique to come to a holistic comprehension of English in combination with a more traditional theme and context based application of vocabulary. Secondly, the course provides a variety of interesting and comprehensive input in regards to reading and listening that provides a foundation for effective speaking and writing activities. Furthermore, many of the classes foster an environment of teamwork and a workshop atmosphere where students will re-teach and teach back what they learn.

This course combines both traditional proven techniques of test preparation with innovative practices to cultivate a thorough understanding of English. Strategy and practice helps students face the TOEFL exam with confidence and supports them to meet  individual goals.